NDTAC Resources to Meet Technical Assistance Needs: The Annual Count

Event Date

Wed, 08/26/2015 - 2:00PM to 3:30PM EDT

Event Location

Adobe Connect


This topical call series features a selection of NDTAC resources that support technical assistance (TA) needs of Title I, Part D (TIPD) coordinators, TIPD subgrantees, and neglected and delinquent institutions. During the next call in this series, NDTAC will review the purpose, content, and TA use of two resources related to the annual child count (i.e. Annual Report of Children in Institutions for Neglected or Delinquent Children, Adult Correctional Institutions, and Community Day Programs): (1) NDTAC’s Annual Count Module (The Annual Count: Understanding the Process and Its Implications), and (2) NDTAC’s Annual Count Toolkit (The Annual Count Toolkit: Determining Formula Counts for Title I, Part D Funding Allocations). These resources describe the count’s purpose and process (e.g. eligibility requirements) and provide practical tools for TIPD coordinators and administrators to use when preparing for and conducting the count. The call will include a discussion of TA needs related to the count and how to use NDTAC’s tools to meet those needs.

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