NDTAC Topical Call: Improving Data Quality and Use

Event Date

Wed, 11/19/2014 - 1:00PM to 2:30PM EST

Event Location

Adobe Connect


This topical call series will focus on improving CSPR data quality and use of data at the state and facility level. The first call will focus on data use. We will dissect how to make data driven decisions, highlight what data is available that can inform your work, and share ideas on how to best communicate the data to other audiences. NDTAC Expert Panel member, Bi Vuong will share ideas and suggestions on how to use data at the facility level. State Coordinators will have the opportunity to share how they have used data at the state level. The NDATC data team will lead a discussion on preferences participants have around how the CSPR data is presented. They will delve into how participants use the CSPR data and what format would best serve those uses. Participants will be asked to share information about how they disseminate their CSPR data with stakeholders and how NDTAC can best support dissemination. Finally, the data team will provide a few mock ups of data presentations and ask for participant’s feedback. 

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