NDTAC Topical Call: Innovative Uses of Funds

Event Date

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 1:00PM to 2:30PM EDT

Event Location

Adobe Connect


Determining how to use Title I, Part D funds is both an art and a science. The statute provides some guidelines but otherwise offers sub-grantees the flexibility to use funds in ways that best suit the needs of their local contexts. In a tough economy, educational settings must look to creative ways to strengthen service delivery for youth who are neglected and delinquent with strained state and local budgets. Transition will be the focus of the second topical call in this series. Specifically, we will discuss:

  • references to the use of funds to support transition in the statute and non-regulatory guidance,
  • promising practices and model programs in place across the country, and
  • the various funding mechanisms available to Title I, Part D subgrantees.
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