NDTAC Topical Call: Resources to Meet Technical Assistance Needs

Event Date

Wed, 12/03/2014 - 3:00PM to 4:00PM EST

Event Location

Adobe Connect


NDTAC has developed many resources to support the technical assistance (TA) needs of Title I, Part D coordinators, SAs, and LEAs. In this series of topical calls, NDTAC will highlight a selection of resources (e.g. practice guides, program highlights, toolkits), describing their purpose, content, and relevance for your TA needs and featuring examples from states that have put them to use. During the first call in this series, NDTAC will describe the purpose, content, and technical assistance use of the Instructional Guide to Reporting Title I, Part D Data in the CSPR for SY 2013-14. This edition of the guide provides the latest updates for the SY 2013-14 Title I, Part D data collection. It also highlights the importance of the Federal data collection process, provides details about the CSPR and the EDFacts initiatives, and includes comprehensive reporting instructions for the CSPR. At the end of this call, participants will be more familiar with how to access this resource and apply it to their data collection and reporting efforts.

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