Practical Strategies for Family Involvement in Correctional Education

Event Date

Sat, 01/31/2009 - 12:45PM EST


This NDTAC Webinar provides information on NDTAC’s "A Family Guide to Getting Involved With Correctional Education," and features constructive examples from the PACER Center on ways families can be engaged with their children throughout the juvenile justice process, at the school, court, and facility levels.

Family involvement positively affects the outcomes of youth in the juvenile justice system, but can be difficult to implement effectively. This Webinar provides constructive examples of ways families can be engaged in the education of their child while he or she is involved in the juvenile justice system.

The three presenters joining NDTAC for this Webinar have extensive knowledge of family involvement and have served as researchers, policy analysts, technical assistance providers, and advocates in the juvenile justice, mental health, and education systems.

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