SSD Webinar Series: At the Intersection of School Safety and Supportive Discipline: Navigating the Roles and Responsibilities of School Resource Officers

Event Date

Wed, 04/24/2013 - 4:00PM EDT


Leading up to the most recent school tragedy and the subsequent call for increasing the number of school resource officers (SROs), growing evidence indicates the need for (1) improved school climate and (2) the need for supportive school discipline policies and practices.  It is critical, then, that we take what the field has learned and apply it to the SRO planning and training. 

In this fifth Supportive School Discipline Webinar Series event, experts described the roles and responsibilities of school resource officers in light of the latest research.  In particular, they considered the implications for conducting thoughtful training that focuses on SROs maintaining safety while building positive relationships that support excellent student outcomes.  It also featured experiences of and practical strategies from communities.  Presenters for this webinar included: Mo Cannady (NASRO), Lisa Thureau (Strategies for Youth) and Moses Robinson (SRO in Rochester, NY).

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