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NDTAC Fast Facts

New NDTAC Fast Facts

NDTAC’s Fast Facts pages present national and State data and graphics regarding students enrolled in Title I, Part D programs.

Title I, Part D Annual Performance Overview for SY 2012-13

Annual Performance Overview for SY 2012-13

Summarizes the characteristics and educational achievements of students who benefit from Title I, Part D across different facility and program types.

A Focus on Quality Education Services

These two NDTAC resources discuss the need for
high-quality education services for youth who are system involved.

Correctional Education Guidance Package

Recommendations and federal requirements for ensuring youth in confinement receive an education comparable to peers who are non-system involved.

NDTAC Technology Highlights

This page showcases schools and other education-based programs that implement innovative technology-based practices for children who are N or D. 


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