Strand Plenary: Sharing Practices on Meeting Monitoring and Compliance Requirements

Dr. Peter Leone; professor; Department of Counseling, Higher Education and Special Education at the University of Maryland; and Greta Colombi, technical assistance liaison, NDTAC

Monitoring Part D facilities and programs for compliance is a required and essential responsibility for State Part D coordinators. In turn, each State’s Part D program is monitored by the U.S. Department of Education at least once every 3 years. In addition to helping ensure compliance with Part D regulations, monitoring also provides coordinators valuable information that can be used to plan and fund Part D programs and services. This plenary included a brief NDTAC presentation on Part D monitoring requirements, a presentation by Dr. Peter Leone on lessons he has learned as a monitor of juvenile justice education programs around the country, and an interactive activity where participants shared how they have worked to meet monitoring and compliance requirements.


Resource Date

July 2012