Strand Plenary: Sharing Practices on Meeting Reporting and Evaluation Requirements

Bi Vuong, Harvard strategic data fellow, Office of Accountability, School District of Philadelphia, and Stephanie Lampron, deputy project director, NDTAC

All States are required to collect facility, student, and outcome data from their Part D programs for the Consolidated State Performance Report and EDFacts. Although data collection and reporting can present challenges for coordinators and facilities, the data present a valuable tool for evaluating the Part D program and helping to plan and fund future Part D services and supports. In this plenary, NDTAC staff presented on basic reporting requirements and the importance of complete and accurate performance data in evaluating programs. NDTAC expert panelist Bi Vuong then discussed how participants can use the data they already have as well as ways to build on and expand data collections and systems to promote continuous quality improvement.


Resource Date

July 2012